Frequently Asked Questions


Are wood pellets an environmentally safe way to heat my home? Emissions from pellet burning equipment are in general very low in comparison to other forms of combustion heating.  Wood is a renewable fuel and North Country Pellets are produced locally so less fuel is used to transport them to consumers than other fuels.

Where can I get more information about wood pellet heating? For more information, please visit There you will find information about pellets as well as a free online calculator that you can use to compare costs for various types of fuel, including oil, natural gas and propane.


Where is your wood sourced?

Our wood is almost entirey sourced from sawmills within 50 miles of our plant in Holland, Michigan.

Is your wood recycled?

No. We do not use recycled wood because of potential impurities and toxins in it. We use only virgin wood chips to ensure that your stove provides you with healthy heat and minimizes environmental impact.

Do you buy wood in small lots?

We buy wood in small lots and large lots. If you have wood to sell, please contact us.

Are your pellets suitable for cooking?

Our pellets are ideal for heating. While some customers have used our pellets for barbeques and other devices, we recommend that you use pellets specially made for that purpose. 


Can I buy North Country Pellets in bulk?

North Country Pellets are not yet available in bulk. However, we are working on that, and will make an announcement once that happens. Please like us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so that you will get that information.

Can I buy your pellets outside Michigan?

At this time, our pellets are available only in retail outlets in Michigan. If you live outside of Michigan and would like to buy our pellets, please let your retailer know. We will do our best to make that happen for you.

Can I buy wood pellets directly from your factory?

At this time, we sell through retailers only. If your local retailer does not carry North Country Pellets, please let us know and we will contact the store. You can also direct them to contact us through our website.


How should I store my pellets until I need them?

Pellets are best stored in a cool, dry area, away from the elements. A storage shed or garage that protects them from rain and snow is ideal.

What are the best settings on my stove for North Country Pellets?

Every wood pellet stove is a little bit different. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions. 

How to calculate how many pounds of wood pellets I’ll need for winter? 

There are many variables that affect pellet fuel use, including the size of your house and the outside temperature, but most pellet stove owners in Michigan purchase two to three tons per year.

Wood Pellets FAQS