North Country 100% Softwood Pellets

          100% Natural    No Additives    Low Ash
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The Advantages of North Country Softwood Pellets:
  • A 100% natural product manufactured from the clean, dry residues of Spruce-Pine softwood lumber processing
  • Carbon Neutral from Certified Forests
  • No additives or bark; the natural wood resin holds our pellets together
  • High BTU value
  • Low Moisture
  • Low Ash
  • Independently tested regularly by SGS Canada Inc. to verify pellet quality (see Quality Reports tab)
  • Pellets packaged in 40 lb / 18.1 Kg bags with UV inhibitor for clean, efficient transport and storage
  • Palletized product (60 bags/pallet) is fully protected with a bag hood and further wrapped with plastic film
  • Pellets are 100% biodegradable



                                                                    Manufactured by:  
                                                                                Manning, Alberta, Canada

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